On the page, Wolf Hound feels like a $25M-$50M production. So how can this film be produced for a fraction of the cost?


Wolf Hound has a carefully constructed, 42 page line item budget, meticulously crafted by producer Sue Witham. Sue has utilized strong business relationships with Michigan union film crews and the Screen Actor's Guild to negotiate a special sub-tier 1 union rate, the lowest rate possible, which will permit the retention of A-List Hollywood Actors.


Wolf Hound also benefits from creative scheduling, allowing a small, dedicated crew to handle the bulk of shooting throughout production, with the full crew participating only in the large scale action sequences. Director Michael B. Chait is known for producing high level content for pennies on the dollar, making him a perfect fit for this project. In addition, his relationship with the Yankee Air Museum forged over several projects allows Wolf Hound to take advantage of actual World War 2 aircraft for merely the cost of fuel. 


Additionally, Chait's professional relationships extend to multiple vendors, who have agreed to join our production at the lowest prices possible. These vendors include:


High-end, gyro stabilized aerial photography


Cameras and anamorphic lenses;

Company 3

Coloring and picture finish

Stage 3

Stage for specialty effects

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