Alone, outnumbered and behind enemy lines.

Inspired by the real life Nazi special operations unit Kampfgeschwader 200 (KG 200), a plot designed to fly Allied aircraft as Trojan horses, Wolf Hound takes place in 1944 and follows Jewish-American fighter pilot David Holden as he escorts a B-17 bomber deep behind enemy lines. After a harrowing ambush, Holden engages in a one-on-one aerial joust with a Nazi Ace pilot, destroying both of their planes and forcing them to bail out and parachute to the forest floor below. Alone, outnumbered and being hunted down by a Nazi Convoy hot on his trail, Holden must face his vengeful nemesis in a deadly game of cat and mouse to survive. Can he summon the courage to defeat this deadly foe and rescue the captured B-17 crew, all while foiling a Nazi scheme that could turn the tide of the war?